A New Beginning for NFTs and Fashion


We are Cult&Rain.

This is the first of many (hopefully) posts. We know this space is architectural and there is no blueprint, that’s why we’re here and doing this. We’re terrified and invigorated at the same time.

Firstly, we like to think that in the most volatile market in history, when constant change is the name of the game, innovation and creativity will prevail and the capacity to roll with the punches has always been our mantra. We are here today because we believe in change and there is a new way forward, especially for fashion brands. No one goes into business to lose money, so our every intent and ounce ha of energy is to give everyone something new and unexpected. We are here to stay, we’ve invested our personal money and there is no Plan B. It may not be perfect but it’s ours and we’re grounded in solid values and high quality execution.

Essentially, we’re creatives at heart. We love art and it will always remain that way. And that is our promise to the community.

And so ……

WELCOME TO THE FIRST LUXURY FASHION CRYPTO HOUSE. CULT&RAIN is a disruptive digital fashion brand merging innovative NFT art with exclusive high end physical redeemables.

We’re so psyched today as it marks the launch of our website. It’s been blood sweat and tears to get here and honestly we’re pinching ourselves everyday when we see how far we’ve come. We think the website is pretty badass, and we’ve strived to incorporate new ideas and innovations, while staying true to our roots. Check it out www.cultandrain.com

Our Backgrounds

We come from the antiquated fashion system having spent too many years in meetings, talking about everything and nothing. We were all done with the parasitic corporate energy and wanted something more, something different, and so Cult&Rain was born.

Our Vision

And our vision is simple. CULT&RAIN is the first luxury fashion house born from the crypto universe. C&R is the triangulation of Web3, Fashion & Art tied together by luxury physical products.

So What Are We Doing?

Cult&Rain will launch with a highly collectible Genesis Drop, comprising 2000 4K animated NFT’s matched with 2000 trend-setting luxury sneakers. The Genesis Drop is made for crypto enthusiasts who have an affinity for stunning 3D NFT artwork and cutting-edge design. Bridging the gap between digital and physical, each NFT is tied to an identical pair of ‘Made in Italy’ luxury sneakers valued at over $1000, sourcing the finest materials and fabrication through C&R’s coveted Italian supply chains.

Who Are We?

Our founder, George Yang is an accomplished fashion creative director with over 17 years of experience across New York, Milan, and Paris; leading international design studios within the luxury & premium fashion industry. He has designed for renowned fashion houses around the globe including Theory, Costume National, Guy Laroche, and Cerruti Paris. The leadership team spans fashion, tech, and crypto industries and have worked for brands like Balenciaga, Diesel, Zegna, Gucci, and Maison Margiela.

The Collection

Our collection of NFT’s comprises 4 radical sneaker designs, 5 unique colorways each, 20 unique colorways total. There are 100 pairs per colorway set making up the 2000-piece collection. As part of the CULT&RAIN genesis drop, there are 4 highly collectable unique skins, which will be produced by highly acclaimed artists. We’re locking in the last artist now and will reveal the quartet very soon ! Stay tuned.

This is our teaser for TITAN — model 1

There is so much more to come. We’re excited for the future and more importantly to shape it forward with you. What gets us super psyched is the future is in our hands, and knowing we are in this together. We’re in for the long road, and the adventure that comes with, whatever that will be. Our journey to this point has been filled with so many emotions — rejection, accolade, confusion but mainly “what the f$ck are you talking about?”.

We’re sure the weeks ahead will be twist after turn but we promise transparency and authenticity, and hopefully smooth sailing. Whether you’re in or watching from the side, give a ‘fist bump’ for a taking on ‘an adventure of a lifetime’

Stay connected with us. Please join us in Discord and on Twitter to learn more, stay connected and support our adventure.

Launching February 2022





The first luxury fashion brand born from the crypto universe, merging radical NFTs with exclusive physical redeemables. Join our revolution…

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The first luxury fashion brand born from the crypto universe, merging radical NFTs with exclusive physical redeemables. Join our revolution…

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