CULT&RAIN Launches CULTR WORLD, An Innovative & Immersive Metaverse Experience.

5 min readJul 11, 2022


On July 27, 2022, CULT&RAIN will host a first-of-its- kind immersive experience to launch CULTR WORLD, a fully interactive party and Metaverse shopping experience at Outernet London, a new immersive culture, music and media district in the heart of London, UK.

CULT&RAIN is a luxury fashion brand born from Web3, and following the inaugural success of their Genesis and Drop001 NFT collections, the innovative fashion brand forges the future by tying digital and physical luxury goods. Now, with the grand-unveiling of CULTR WORLD, the brand takes another step towards a digital future by creating its own immersive Metaverse experience, rich with virtual water-falls, graffiti walls, & intergalactic views but with photo realistic graphics that have never been seen before.

“We built CULTR WORLD because we believe today’s pixelated versions of the Metaverse are NGMI [Not Gonna Make It] in their current state. The future of the Metaverse in terms of the quality will be photo-real. With CULTR WORLD, we think the Metaverse will be so powerful that the digital layer will be nearly indistinguishable from real life, with frictionless interplay between the two worlds.” says George Yang, Founder & CEO of CULT&RAIN

CULT&RAIN has designed 4 unique avatars that users can choose from to explore CULTR WORLD. Each avatar will have a digital collection of luxury sneakers and Varsity Jackets, from CULT&RAIN’s Genesis and Drop001 collections, to customize their outfit. Avatars will enter CULTR WORLD through CULTR LOUNGE, a remarkable space where users can socialize, meet (and talk with) other users and ultimately attend events and parties, such as this groundbreaking launch event.

As an Avatar, users can also explore CULTR SHOP, a digital shopping experience where users can purchase NFTs from the Genesis, Drop001 (& future) collections, luxury physical sneakers, digital fashion collections and “click and collect” a POAP (a proof-of-attendance NFT badge) that will grant them a free exclusive future airdrop of a digital wearable. This is the birth of the “virtual social shopping experience” — an entirely new model of e-commerce.

On July 27th, the CULTR WORLD launch event will feature a high profile web3 DJ, streaming live from New York in a 2 hour set for all virtual guests while the Metaverse party will be mirrored and broadcast live for live-in person event-goers who will party alongside virtual event-goers. All virtual attendees will enter into CULTR LOUNGE as an avatar with an invitation-only link, as well as from the interactive event space itself with provided PCs and VR devices.

CULT&RAIN has partnered with Outernet London as the first web3 brand to utilize their luxury visionary space, where physical and digital experiences blend together to give in-person, and virtual, event-goers a taste of the future. Outernet London is a new immersive culture, music and media district featuring immense floor to ceiling wrap-around 16K screens — the most advanced immersive ‘phygital’ space in the world.

“To use the incredible digital capabilities of Outernet London to truly innovate in how to reach consumers and communicate the ethos of a brand is a key part of our mission. I wanted to work with real pioneers and Cult&Rain are just that when it comes to both fashion and Web3. Outernet London is the perfect place to showcase how brands can thrive in Web3 and build creative and commercial campaigns that are best in class. We are the most advanced immersive space on the planet and brands will be able to seamlessly bridge the digital and physical worlds like never before. Our partnership with Cult&Rain is going to produce something very special and this is just the beginning.” says Philip O’Ferrall, Outernet Global, CEO

“We expect the event will attract the CULT&RAIN & Web3 community, but also those who are less familiar with Web3 and the Metaverse. I want our live-in-person guests to be blown-away by the beauty and creativity of this Metaverse. CULTR WORLD will revolutionize what an immersive phygital luxury experience looks like, and the innovative space of Outernet London will help us educate the world on what we already know: ‘phygital’ is the future.” says Yang.

The 2nd phase of CULTR WORLD sees the rollout of CULTR GAMES and CULTR PAD. CULTR GAMES is a lo-fi SEGA-esque gaming platform where users will be able to win free NFTS, Allow list spots, prizes and access to upcoming events while CULTR PAD will be your own personalized fully designed digital home showcasing NFT and digital fashion collections.

CULTR WORLD, is the brainchild of George Yang and a partnership with SWIVELMETA, a Metaverse platform, purpose-built for social commerce. The platform is the top choice for leading brands pioneering digital and phygital products and expanding their omni-channel strategy into the Metaverse.

“Essentially, the Metaverse is the greatest art project in the world, and it requires imagination and creativity. That means that you have to step out of your comfort zone, but most companies don’t want to do that. The Metaverse is not about playing it safe. The Metaverse is about inspiring people and you can only do that through art. CULTR WORLD is a form of escapism and creativity and it’s our version of the most incredible Metaverse experience we can imagine today” says Yang.


ABOUT CULT&RAIN A phygital luxury fashion brand born from web3, merging cutting-edge NFTs with exclusive physical redeemables. Join our Metaverse Revolution in CULTR WORLD. George Yang is an accomplished fashion creative director with 20+ years of experience across New York, Milan, and Paris; leading international design studios within the luxury & premium fashion industry. He has designed for renowned fashion houses around the globe including Theory, Costume National, Guy Laroche, and Cerruti Paris. To learn more on CULT&RAIN, please visit www.CULTANDRAIN.COM

ABOUT OUTERNET LONDON: Outernet London is a global network of cultural hubs designed to provide immersive experiences for entertainment, brand activation and retail the likes of which have never been seen before. The first will open in central London in Summer 2022 and will kick off a global roll out with sites planned in New York, LA and Europe. To learn more on the OUTERNET, please visit www.OUTERNETGLOBAL.COM

ABOUT SWIVELMETA: Swivelmeta is a technology company whose 3D experience platform was purposebuilt for social commerce in the metaverse. Any brand or merchant can create a custom metaverse experience on Swivelmeta that is fully integrated with its physical and digital products and ecommerce workflows. Swivelmeta’s goal is to make immersive 3D shops, storefronts and venues as common as common as websites. To learn more on Swivelmeta, please visit




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